Everything is coming together and even though I know I'll never be finished... I am getting close to not having any gaps in what I want for right now

  • Tarp (check) - one purchased and one DIY in the next month or two
  • Tarp suspension (my most recent item to check off) - just got my zing-it, tarp flyz, Dutch hooks, made some Prusik loops and zing-it soft shakles last night
  • Hammock (check) - one DIY (works great) that I want to add a foot box to in the near future and a 1.1 DL WBBB which I can't live without
  • TQ (half check) - currently using an old, bulky, heavy sleeping bag but am part way through a 40* Ray Way quilt kit and am also going to repurpose a 40* fleece sleeping bag thing to a top quilt
  • Hammock suspension (check) - DIY straps and whoopie slings plus what came with the WBBB
  • UQ (check) - DIY IX quilt that got me down to 39* in my DIY hammock plus the 20* Phoenix that I won at the 2nd Annual FL Hang raffle (love it!)
  • Odds and ends (mostly check) - a few little bits and pieces still to do like put my Dutch ridge biners in both of my hammocks, some sort of storage option for inside, a tyvek piece for standing on (coming next weekend at the hang down here), make a portable stand and put it up in the house so I can sleep inside year round, etc

I really don't NEED anything... now I'm just expanding my temperature range, lowering weight/bulk, fine tuning... and feeding the addiction. It's been a great ride so far and I want to thank everyone on this forum for all of their advice, help, gifts, insights, entertainment, and overall greatness! I'm pretty sure my daughter wants me to make her a hammock so that is another of my next projects (along with a portable stand so she can set it up in her dorm).

Thanks everyone... I'll see some of you next weekend at the LWRSF hang!