So I was looking around in my mom's sewing kit for some odds and ends to see what I could create. I ran across some elastic bands, and the idea hit me. I posted on here not to long ago wondering how people packed their snakeskins. Well, I found the solution: elastic compression. I took two strips of elastic, and sewed each into an elastic ring. folding my tarp in its skins wraped it up, and then i put the bands on in a cross formation. It worked wonders, compressing the skinsand keeping them in a tight, small, manageable package.. I use a black bishop bag for my hammock, and i have polyester suspension straps going all the way, no whopies. I have to wrap one of the straps around the outside of the bag to make everything fit. The stiff straps dont wrap ver well, but adding an elastic band around them kept them wraped nice and tight.