Whats up everyone? Names Justin and I am from the SF Bay Area. I've spent the last several years working down to being a SUL backpacker but have found I really hate sleeping on the ground so after many months of deliberation I am joining you in the trees.

Currently I am using a HH hyperlite with a whoopie sling conversion until I find the time to build myself a version of Sgt. Rocks Ghost hammock, make a HUG half bug net, and make some dynaglide UCRs. MY insluation is a JRB nest UQ and a 20 degree Golite TQ. With the rest of my backpacking kit I am down to something like 7.6 lbs. base weight.

My goal is to get it back down as much as possible but maybe not all the way to SUL My thoughts are leaning to adding a HG 4 season cuben tarp, a warbonnet yeti 3 season under quilt and using my GG nightlite that is currently my pack frame for my legs.

So far this is the most interesting and helpful forum I have ever visited. I've been working through some technical issues with the forum that attoll is being great about so have been reading and browsing for a few weeks now.

I have to give a shout out to Shug, Srg. Rock, and JustJeff for all their great posts and videos. While I have not gotten to interact with any of you yet, your information has been amazing and I am really looking forward to picking your brains. By the way Shugs videos are the best and I have not laughed so hard in a long time while learning so much. Thanks for all your input everyone! I really look forward to being a part of this community.

Justin Nelson