I am a tosser and turner, in my sleep, continually adjust my position in the hammock all night. So, I'm also bouncing up and down, testing the supsension all night too. Now I know my HH Asym Zip suspension ropes are big enough to hold me but I notice that the ridgeline is much smaller and presumably, not nearly as strong. Anyone know just what the ridgeline material is capable of?

I'll get around to emailing HH direct but I have put the Q here because I am also involved in a sideline discussion about how much tension is on the suspension/ridgeline for a given weight and for a given amount of sag.

I did do a quick experiment today, put a spring balance in a ridgeline and changed the amount of sag a few times. Essentially, the more the sag, the less weight is seen in the ridgeline as an increace in tension. With a high degree of sag, about half the weight is seen in the ridgeline. For example, 30 degrees or more saw the spring balance read 9 kg when I put 18 kg in the hammock. As the hang was made tighter and tigher, the spring balance reading got closer and closer to that of the weight being added to the hammock. The practical outcome of all this is I figure I need the HH ridgeline to be capable of holding about 100 kg for me to feel safe testing the ridgeline with my sleeping habits