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papasmurf, I was wondering if perhaps you could make a dangerbird notify list? Everyone that wants to order one, can put themselves on that list (google docs has some very easy and cool ways to do something like this). So that when the hammock becomes available in the deliberate and controlled way, you have a nice list of potential customers that will be very happy receiving an email telling them about the good news.
The biggest problem is the slow "one at a time" way these are spec'd and built.
Exchanging 20-30 emails to get a DangerBird figured out and then spending several days on each build is fine if one is only doing 1 or 2 at a time. When dozens of orders arrive within a few days, it's darn near impossible to figure out what's going on.

That's the reason I'm working on a better ordering system. I want to offer a "semi-custom" DangerBird from a set of specific choices. Then, I want to add the ability for the user to request certain options that aren't on the list. I'm hoping this will work better than configuring each one from the ground up.

Colors - Yes, I want to offer every choice in every color, so a person can choose.
Burgundy Body, Evergreen overcover, Black zipper hoods, etc.

Width - Maybe, maybe not. The net, overcover and hammock body must all be in-sync together. Otherwise, the thing won't zip up correctly.
Example - you want a flat laying, extra wide hammock that measures 10ft x 72" with a 104" ridgeline? You've only got 114" of zipper length on the hammock to fit a net and overcover that's almost 100" long. The net and cover will be very narrow and rob you of almost all that extra width we built in. Does that make sense?