I picked up a GT single to compare to my GT UL. I have installed an ASR and whoopie slings on each. I'm running into an issue on the GT single. The sewn strips of parachute nylon on either side of the hammock make the hammock body wider. But I am having difficulty being able to use those strips.

I have tried a very long ridgeline all the way to a very short ridgeline and found that the outside strips would be completely loose - that is not carrying any weight, or the sewn seam would be very tight - carrying a lot of weight. The seam would be tight enough that I couldn't rest my head on the strip. The only way I seemed to be able to get tension in the strips was by making the ridgeline very short.

What experience do you have with these strips? I'm looking for the Single to be just a touch bigger than the UL and if I can't get the outside strips to bear weight, then I'm not getting the benefit of carrying the bigger hammock (except for length).

One caveat: the trees I have available are rather far apart, so I was using a very tight ridgeline to set the sag. But that's the whole point of a structural ridgeline, so I'm not convinced that this was the problem.