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I'm not saying that it was an inappropriate response. But it was unprecedented and without warning or even an explanation (until now).

Thank you for posting your reasoning. We're all adults here, and friends too, for the most part. I think we can be given the benefit of the doubt that we can deal with things amongst ourselves in an acceptable way, as we always have in the past, when given the chance.

Maybe if it happens again, you could (with some warning) edit out the text of the posts.

To me the LAST RESORT option here (the "nuclear option") would be to delete the posts, but that shouldn't be the first option.

BTW, I think I did apologize to 4D's for any inappropriate comments, but that post is now not visible.

This was also the first time I have ever edited it posts in such a way. This type of editing for me is a last resort. Maybe I should have just removed the offending comments, left my explanation and apologies from you and others. That would be my normal course of action. For some reason it just seemed to me, that the best course of action, in this particular situation, was to remove the comments and the discussion related to them.

As you said NCPatrick, we are all friends here and I meant no malice to anyone.