Hi there!

I've been lurking around here for a little while. Learning a bunch, but starting to feel a little stalker-ish, so I thought I'd better say 'hi'.

I hadn't really intended to get into the hammock thing. I started off poking around youtube for a diy tarp pattern and stumbled across one of Shug's tarp videos. Well, one video lead me to another (and another...), and I eventually ended up here.

I got kind of side-tracked on the tarp mission, and made myself a double-layer diy hammock from the patterns on DiyGearSupply. My brother liked it so much I ended up giving it to him and making myself another one.

I still don't have a tarp, but that's OK. The material is finally on order and should be here early next week. Now I'm researching TQ/UQ patterns...

Thanks again for all the DIY articles and advice on here. I'm generally not a real talkative person, but I'll try to give back where I can and quit being such a stalker.