i am on the ma/ct borderof the AT and didnt realize i was going to be throwing out any supposed attemt at a definition for the term "torrential downpour" ... all i have to say is HOLY CRAP. and i am wondering how safe are we from lightning vs being in the "position". also do not pitch a hh stock tarp with one side anywhere near the height of the tarp ridge becuase while a little rain will roll off, 5 gallons every 20 seconds will fill it up like a bathtub. instantly. fortunately i had some extra rope that was NOT in the bear box and tied a new ridge line for it. also staked it down to the ground instead of a tree uphill. this storm is INSANE. should have brought the jrb 11x10 instead i think. hammock ropes stretch and slip in such rain too and a poncho doesnt work if your arms are raised and someone has 3 fire hoses on you at once. anyway sorry for the ramble i am on my cellphone