I've taken some killer naps in the hammock, but I had'nt gotten the chance to sleep in it overnight till last night.

I live in an apartment, so I dont really have a yard to hang my hammock in. So I picked up some big eyelet screws and found a couple of studs in my living room, wuala! Instant hammock stand. With the exception of some minor drywall damage, the installation went pretty smoothly. (Landlord is not going to be happy)

Once i got settled in, I slept like like a log the whole night through. I almost didnt want to get out of the hammock this morning to go to work. I think I might have to reset one of my eyelet screws because it shifted some in the night. Its a good thing it didnt shift itself out of the wall. Over all a very good experience.

I call it a 'sorta' overnight hang because obviously i was inside, and didnt have to deal with all of the mama nature stuff that really makes camping fun. As soon as I spend a night outside in the hammock, I think I'll feel a little more legitimate.

Just thought I'd share a little positive hammock experience with the forum folks. As always, many thanks to everyone for the shared knowledge and hospitality.