RBDodger and I were talking and we would like to host a hang in our back yard... the Kronenwetter Forest Unit. The forest unit is in Marathon County just East (Southeast) of Wausau. I spoke to the county parks and forest folks and they are cool with the hang and I have in my hand the permit for the hang.

April 13-15 is between Scouting events, so Roger and I are both free. I am including a map of the unit. For those that want to test gear there is a good clearing about a mile in from the north parking lot, for those that want to trek the same clearing is about five miles in from the southern parking lot.

I live nearby in case we have any emergencies, there is a running strem for water. County parks asked if we make a fire ring, we clean it up after, I will take care of that.

I can scout whenever, and get a GPS link for the site if anyone needs it. Trail is crushed granite and a nice easy walk in, no real hills to speak of. There was a nice beaver pond nearby but didn't see any activity over the winter, so no guarantees on spotting beaver.

Let me know if you are interested.