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Since the hang will be in April we can expect the snowy goodness should be wrapping up by then, but it is Wisconsin... To keep up with posts as we move forward I have a list of attendees so far:

Canteen Boy

With strong "maybes" from

Canteen boy, I think pooling together for a Saturday night dinner might be a good idea, since Roger and I are scouting ahead we were thinking if everyone wanted to pitch in maybe we could haul out some red meat on Saturday night for steak and fire... Pretty sure we can keep it reasonable for the long drivers like Fronkey and Shug and still throw down some tasty grub on a spirit of fellowship. More on menu as time gets closer.

I would like to talk a little gear while we are out there. I have been doing this a while, but find every time we go somewhere there is a gadget or gizmo that would make my back feel better...and Daddy likes that.

Before we get much closer how "experienced" are you guys. I have been backpacking since I was a kid, and hanging in hammocks for a couple of years now. I am no expert but I know what works for me. The thing I learned in the Army was you will carry what you THINK you need, you just need to change how you think. My pace is slow, 2mph average, but I can go all day with 60 pounds. Yes I said 60...I know there are those who would NEVER take that kind of weight, but Daddy likes to eat (I put the FAT in Daddy).
Put me down as a possible.

As far as "gear talk" goes, that's inevitable at these gatherings. It's always fun.