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    Quote Originally Posted by jnelson871 View Post
    looks like 2QZQ is closed for a bit so will have to make my own weather shield

    Will I also need a top shield? Or would I be better off making a hammock sock?
    IF you make a sock you probably don't need a UQP.

    That said, you are quickly leaving the realm of UL packing.
    I know in your introduction post you said you were coming from SUL packing
    and wanting a bit more comfort so you were willing to go to possibly UL levels.

    20 degree quilts, socks, larger tarps are going to add up. Just saying...

    I would take a close look at Water Monkey's videos.
    IMO, he is one of the most savvy UL hangers I know.
    His gear is light weight and taylored to specific trips.

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    pads, foam
    Also worth noting 2QZQ said they will be back in a couple of weeks. They were just buried in work so they did not want to get too far behind.

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    Yeah staying UL is proving to be a challenge. I do not get fog that often so thinking a sock for when I know I am going to the coast and then just using the larger tarp the rest of the time. Weight comparison of the tarps for cuben is 6.5 for the winter and 4.2 for a 7x9. For 2.3 oz I like the versatility of the winter tarp. My thought is to pitch it either high or in porch mode to deflect wind for 3 seasons and then to close the doors and pitch low hen the weather turns foul.

    After looking at my total gear weight even with an 11oz sock and large tarp, I still end up at only 6.87 lbs if I succeed with my Ghost tarp project next weekend. Still within my goal of under 10 lb base weight So with 1.5 L of H2O at 3.3 lbs and 1.5 lbs of food per day I can make a 6 day trip for about a 20 lb pack weight.

    Solution!!!! Sleep in a TREE

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    UL for 3 seasons in the Bay Area will be easy for you to achieve. I have not been able to get anywhere close to that for Winter. I still carry a good amount of gear for comfort and warmth for that season.

    What I did last year for the fog was use my OES Cuben Standard with a set of Griz Beaks. I had to choose my location and use the natural landscape to help block the the fog. I would close off one side of my tarp and pitch it pretty low. I did not have my UQP yet so that was the best I could do to minimize the wetness. It wasn't perfect but did the job. If I went out for a few days it wasn't a problem as the DWR did a pretty good job of drying off quickly during the day.

    If you spend most of your time in-land, the fog won't be an issue, you could get away without anything covering your quilts especially if you are going to go with a larger tarp.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rip waverly View Post
    hammock socks can be great - just be careful to ensure you're not condensing inside the sock, soaking everything.

    i can't speak to the why's, but its happened to me-- guess the conditions weren't just right for the sock, my bodies output, etc.

    i've had the best luck with the 2QZQ UQP for most conditions 15 - 40F. if i were doing deep cold, i'd use a hammock sock no doubt. above 40, i generally don't worry about it.

    synthetic might be an option if you're always in fog? at todd lake this summer in the cascades... my quilt was soaked from about 9pm - until the sun came out again.

    a lot of factors.
    Do you think that was a matter of vapor condensing on the sock and then dripping back down on you? Or was it actually condensing inside the sock on the surface of your quilt and hammock?

    Either way that would certainly defeat the advantages of a sock. If using to block fog, you would be just as wet. If using to keep some heat in, you would probably be colder than without, if everything is "soaked".

    I have not yet had any condensation inside an HH Super Shelter top cover.
    But I have been aware of a sensation of higher humidity, and wondered if I will have problems. It sure does keep in the heat and keep the wind out, though. I have been amazed at what a thin layer of nylon can do. Though not water proof, It will also keep out a fair amount of external moisture.

    Somewhat off topic, but +1 on the synthetics if you really think you can not keep things dry, due to day after day of fog or condensation or whatever. Many don't agree with me on that, but I'm just basing that on my personal experience. My synthetics have kept me warm enough when quite damp. And probably just as important are super quick to dry. For one example of several, I even changed over middle of the night after my down UQ- despite "WP" material in the neck area, became soaked from breath condensation and I became too cold for comfort. The non-WP synthetic became maybe even more wet after a couple of hours ( about 11F). It didn't seem to matter at all, I slept on toasty warm.

    The bulk still s*cks, though I don't think the weight is near as bad with Climashield as things used to be, compared to down. Rarely needed, but if keeping fog and condensation off on multi-day trips is a real concern, synthetics are an option.

    PS: I think we hammock hangers have many advantages for keeping dry from both rain and condensation, though maybe not from fog.
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