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    Looking for a hammock set...

    I'm looking for something like what Eric was selling a bit ago

    Treklight Double Hammock
    1 Hammock Bliss No-See-Um Hammock Mosquito Net
    Treklight Rope/Carabiner Bundle
    12x12 tarp

    Something like that

    Got a camping trip coming up and i've never camped with a hammock before and would like to have one for future trips as well. As far as the hammock, it doesn't have to be a treklight double but it is preferred because of it's weight allowance. Something that can hold 400+ lbs like that.

    Please let me know
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    Read all the reviews you can, try out whatever you can and decide based on personal preference. You may end up owning a few hammocks and possibly making your own like so many of us have.

    Whatever you decide to get, since you are a newby hanger, don't neglect pre-trip practice. Set up your hammock wherever you are able, preferably outside and see how you are able to sleep in varying weather conditions. You will also appreciate the nuances of setting up and disassembling your hammock supports quickly after a few dozen practice sessions.

    This way you won't find yourself confused, frustrated, and possibly wet and sleepless when on your trek in the woods

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    Awsome, thanks for the advice i will keep that in mind.
    If a llama were a dude... I would be it...


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