a knock at the door in the early a.m. oh who could that be? mr. mailman with a package for me... oh yea baby its here! as i take the stapled plastic covering off first thing i notice is a woodland camo carry bag, hands trembling i open it ,at the top a little woodland camo bag. inside, woodland camo snake skins.yep, not green but woodland camo. oh yea the excitements building...i place them back in their little pouch and set it aside. next i pull out the hammock itself.
pull the tie from around its middle, open it up on the floor, admire the excellent stitching, the adorable ripstop fabric , oh the elation...
the re enforced quadruple stitched ends, the teeny tiny no see um netting with its double stitched ends which is dark so its easier to see out of dont ya know?, the triple stitching everywheres else, oh my what great quality ! i also notice the beautiful patch so lovingly sewed onto each piece. everything about the hammock reeks of quality, ok not reeks but you know what i mean.
next i see another woodland camo bag, just what could be in there? excited i open it, its , its, its... cord !
last but not least is the awesomest of awesomes, the coolest tarp of tarps, the one, the only mosquito hammock woodland camo tarp ! ahhhhhh {the sound of angles singing} . over joyed, sniffle sniffle, just plain over joyed. lol dont mind me ive been watching and re watching Shug videos. love my hammock.less than 2 weeks. now to write Tom a big thank you. Kaz