I'm waging a war against the cold, and this is my Cuben Tarp Crisis! Thirteen days of tension before my next backpacking trip! Okay.. I'm done.

I emailed Adam last night, on a whim, about a 2/3 sided cuben tarp that I have been considering for a while. Trying to shave weight, but maintain versatility, I wanted a cuben tarp with doors on only one end. I thought I had this brilliant, heretofore-unheard-of idea that had never been brought to fruition! I imagined crowds applauding my innovative concept! I would be shaking hands and kissing babies! The world was my oyster!

Adam responded that he had, in fact, made this exact tarp on a few other occasions.

So - do you have one of these brilliant tarps with only two doors? If you do have one, do you love it? Second question - I would like the tarp without panel pullouts, to save a bit of weight, and because I don't think I'd ever use them. Is this a good plan? Do you use your panel tieouts often enough to require them?