Just got back from my first extended stay in my new BMBH! I am 5'8 and 195lbs and have fairly broad shoulders. I noted shoulder squeeze IMHO is related to the tension you set the hammock when you initially set up your rig.

I spent 5 consecutive nights in my hammock at BSA summer camp with my Troop and I slept very well after only a couple of minor adjustments in tension and head end elevation. Great hammock!!! I stayed cool, dry and bug free in lower Alabama!!!!



1) Very flat sleeping position.
2) Comfort is great.
3) Easy to setup.
4) Light
5) Very good quality of construction.
6) No worry of a leg falling through the bottom than my Hennessy.
7) Less chance of damaging bug net due to omni tape.
8) Sleeping on your side is possible. My Scouts were much happy with my lack of snoring... LOL!!!


1) More difficult to make a bathroom run in the middle of the the night than my Hennessy.
2) Spreader bars touch tarp when you are not in the hammock.
3) Shoulder squeeze is present if setup is not correct.
4) Young scouts want me to help them build one!!