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I just got back from a trip to the Hoosier National Forest. We hiked in and camped on Browning hill Monday night. The BMB was great. Though I miss the ability to stretch out my arms sideways a bit in my Claytor, I enjoyed sleeping on my side in this great hammock. I am staying with this one. I got out the bridge I made during the winter and hung it in the back yard and its also great, made to Grizzy Adam's plans. I didn't get a good hang in it this winter in my garage because the places in the garage where I had to hang from were too high. When I put the tension on it it needed, it was great.
Went mountain biking before we returned from the forest.
Terrific time in a terrific Bear Mountain Bridge.
Yep looks like this one is a keeper. I might just go hang my bridge this weekend.