In an attempt to get comfy in this hammock thing, I tried again in my back yard lastnight. After being really tired, I figured this was my best yet attempt at getting some rest in a hammock. I slept 3-1/2 hours relatively comfy then the comfort was lost. Had to go back to my bed.
I can't sleep on my back in my very comfy bed and I reckon I can't in my hammock either. I've read where peeps sleep on their sides and even on their stomachs in a hammock but I can't do it.
It was 35 lastnight and I never did get cold. I had the Hennessy Double Bubble Radiant pad or shouild I call it 'Double Trouble' as it never stayed under me, along with a Nalgene bottle to keep me warm.
Had the 2QZQ mod 4 done recently hoping this would open up the HH enough for my claustraphobia issues. It worked but still no sleep.
Been shopping for backpacking tents now.

Do I give up or keep tryin? Benedryl really helps me sleep, maybe buy a quart?