I missed the 2nd Annual Higher Colder Roan Mt Hang last week because of work. But on Sunday five of us had planned to hike up to the Overmountain shelter to catch up with the ones that survived. Well because of circumstances of weather and house emergencies no one had made it that far. Sooooo we went anyway!
We all met at Bob's Dairyland for breakfast and drove to Roaring Creek Rd. The roads from the town of Roan Mt were still snowy.
And Roaring Creek was "really" snowy!

The two new fellows that had wanted to see hammock rigs were Jason in Tn and his buddy Bill. I brought a couple of guys from the wood shop where I work part time, Montalban, who is an avid hiker & new hanger & Chief who is one of the best friends I've ever had. It was 17 degrees when we started our hike with sunny skies and quite a bit if wind, especially at the shelter.

We hiked up the road first to the shelter, Montalban & I trying out our snowshoes for a bit but switched to crampons after a little while.

We headed up into the loft to get out of the wind and there was still quit a bit of snow even inside the loft! Yes, The wind had been blowing that hard to force it through the boards!

In the top right hand corner you can see how snowy & wind swept yellow Mt is in this pic below.

On our hike back we went to the top of the hill and hiked back down the Overmountain Victory Trail where we saw some beautiful displays of ice & snow in the trees.

My Subie would have made it up the snowy road but it was really nice to ride in a Jeep!

Montalban made us hot beverage with his new Jetboil and Chief had other beavage to keep us warm!

I really like these Stanley flasks.

We made a little side trip on the way back to Elk River Falls. I had never been there so I got the grand tour. The rocks were very icy so I used my Kahtoolas again because I really didn't want to go swimming over the 50' waterfall!

From the top looking down into the pool.

It's always a good day to end it with some BBQ and man is it good! This is for you Shug!