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    I have the Noah 9 and use it for 3 season (kayak camping and hiking). It works great and the tie downs are superb. Rain won't seep thru like sil-nylon. The Noah 12 seems huge but works well for 4 season as you can fold it to make end-walls to block the wind. Got the best prices at Sunnysports. The Hennessy Hex works well for kayak camping also...LOTS of room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardofhaws View Post
    hangNyak thanks for the pics. Really helps seeing the 12 setup to compare with what I have seen of the 9. Was worried it would be too big but seems about right. It would be my only tarp and since I know I will use it for the ground and for sun shade seems the 12 would be the way to go.

    Did you put any sealant on yours to help with the rain?
    I have never sealed it, but then I have not had it in heavy rain. If it becomes a problem, I will. Like you when I was looking at both tarps, everyone was recommending the 12. I have never seen a 9 up close, but I'm sure either way you will be getting a good tarp. You have to figure out what is right for your situation. Good luck on your choice!

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