Is there a correct top/outside vs bottom/inside to a tarp? I'm using the inside (on my HH explorer asym stock tarp) as the "slick" side with tags sewn in and seam sealing visible (always assumed seam sealing would be on the outside, but what do I know). I had a large amount of moisture on the "inside" of my tarp during a backyard test hang the other day...and this was after being out of the hammock for at least 24 hours while I waited forthe constant rain to quit.

Can you overstretch a tarp so that the factory seam sealing will fail the first use of the tarp (granted I bought my hammock tarp 2 years ago...just now deciding I should use it :^)?

In the HH asym...which direction should I lay? I'm thinking my head in the area that has more "hammock" (to the right of my head when laying on my back) and more hammock to the left of my legs. Is that correct? I just seems them my head and legs are jammed up against the side of the hammock when I lay this way.

Sorry for the basic nature of this question. But I'm just starting out.