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    My IDK Tarp door/Jerry chair/pack cover/rain cape

    From the title you can tell that I donít know what to call it. For the last couple of months Iíve been thinking about building some multi function gear. Last week I got my Mamajamba so I finally was able to set it up to take the final measurements I needed. I was trying to figure out a way to make a single door for the tarp, and after seeing the video that BearChaser posted I got the idea I could make a cut in the door that would allow me to use it as a pack cover/rain cape and allow the suspension to pass through the door. After seeing all lot of pictures of wearable quilts I got the idea that I could fold it around me as a cape with the hardware I use to hook it to the tarp. Thanks also to JerryW for the idea to make the chair. As soon as I saw his dimensions that he put in his post I thought I could just add wings to that to form the door. Finally thanks to USMCStang for the idea to use Tyvec. I had a couple of rolls of Typar lying around the shop from previous additions and houses that Iíve built. Typar in my opinion is much stronger than Tyvec, but it comes with a weight penalty as well. The weight right now is 9.9 oz. After testing this out today Iíve decided to cut about a 1 foot wide by 3 foot tall dart out of the middle. The original dimension of 6 feet is just too long. I donít know how this will affect the weight but once Iím done I will post the new finished weight.
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