I am not sure it this is the best forum for this question, so if it needs to be moved, please do. Anyway, I took my latest acquisitions out today to test setting everything up. What I have is a older Hennessy Exped Asym that has the 2QZQ Mod 4 done with the bottom sewn shut. I just purchased a Hammock Gear Incubator and the 2QZQ UQP. My question is, on the hammock, should I be tying out the sides on the HH (using the elastic cord the hammock came with? I did not do it today and in my setup the combination of the hammock, quilt and UQP made quite the cocoon - laying there for awhile, I was warm. Just wondering if there is anyone who has a HH and under quilt has experience tying or not tying the sides out. If it matters, my tarp is independent of the hammock - I don't use the one the hammock came with anymore.

Thanks for any info.