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    Quote Originally Posted by uncle_ray_ray View Post
    The first problem with this iconcept is that your tarp is in direct contact with your netting, depriving you of any headroom between netting and tarp.
    The ridge-line is the green line in the diagram, below the suspension, is it not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by USMCStang View Post
    ...The biggest con that I see is that you lose a lot of flexibility in the height of your tarp in relation to the hammock. It will probably be high enough for general use, but you will be more dependent on the distance between trees, as your hammock itself is a fixed length. To get the "magic 30* angle", you adjust the length of the upper line, pulling your hammock up or lowering it, but the upper line stays at the same height. You have no say on how high the tarp is in relation to the hammock...
    I would think you have complete control of the height of the tarp when you set the tree huggers with the carabiners. The distance between the tarp and the hammock ridgeline will be controlled by the total length of the loops. Now, I agree that if you want the normal 30* angle on your suspension, you do become completely dependent on the distance between the trees to determine the gap between ridgeline and tarp.

    Quote Originally Posted by lonetracker View Post
    ...this is more of a ucr then a whoopie.a ucr is strong when engaged but has the fault of sometimes slipping .so you will have to tension it somehow.maybe search for ucr and tensioning to find examples of this.
    Quote Originally Posted by WV View Post
    Definitely worth trying, because you don't cut your amsteel, so nothing's lost if you need to switch to something else. I think lonetracker is correct - this is a UCR, not a whoopie sling, so make that bury extra long and think about a prussic on the end of it to maintain tension...
    It could be done as either a UCR or a whoopie sling depending on how it is rigged. If using a whoopie, the adjustable loop would just need to pass through an eye of the line going to the other end of the hammock. More line, but I would probably recommend it given that everything is hooked to one line.

    Quote Originally Posted by lonetracker View Post
    i would not worry about the hammock slideing on the carabiners,it will stay put.however as a pro you can easily slide the hammock anywhere between the trees you like.
    Unless it were fastened to a carabiner in some fashion, I would think slipping is a real danger. The whole load would want to shift so that the weight was at the lowest possible point. Definitely lay in it and get any shifting out of the way before attaching the tarp. I wonder if it would slip each time you sat and then laid down and again as you sat up as the center of gravity shifted up and down the hammock.

    It probably makes setting the foot end higher a non-issue. It is self-adjusting.
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