Well someone is serving up the kool-aid cuz I am here lol. I blame Shug. I have never hung before but I am seriously looking into it as a way to lower my pack weight. I have a few questions and I know this is the place to ask them. So here goes.

Just to point out I am cheap...well I am married let's just say that. So dropping 200 bucks on a hammock when I have a tent already is not going to fly. But 20 bucks on a Grand Trunk Ultralight will work. So being 5' 10 and 200 pounds, will this thing hold my uncoordinated behind? Will it work into a winter setting with proper insulation? I understand that the suspension will need to be changed out to the whoopies or some such contraption. That is not a problem. But for 20 bucks I don't think I can get fabric to DIY it for less. I can DIY so when it comes to mods or the bug net I can probably pull that off too.

At what temp do you start needing an under quilt and will a pad do instead for certain temps when coupled with a pad extender to keep it in place?

I am sure I will have other questions along the way but hopefully this is a good way to be more comfortable and lower my shelter weight, currently at 5.5 pounds for a small tent. I have watched Shug's videos, in fact my 2 year old boy whooo buddys quite a bit. So I have some answers. Just need to get pointed in the right direction.

Thanks for the info.