Quite a bit to think about. I certainly like the idea of the tarp with doors. I have a cheap 11x13 poly tarp now that I can use. I think it weighs 2 pounds but with a hammock and suspension it is still going to drop 2 pounds of my shelter weight. With spring coming on I won't have to worry too much about insulation yet. I am worried about the nano being narrow as I start to look at the specs compared to the double nest. Although the double nest is 50 bucks and I could probably DIY for less than that lol. Too many **** decisions. Either way I think on the commercial side it is between those two. Having never slept in a hammock before I am not sure about the diagonal lay. I usually sleep on my back, although I am sure my wife would say differently.

I will have to swing by Walmart again and see if I can't find some ripstop nylon. I know I can get it at Joann's but I think it is like 6 bucks a yard. For DIY fabric I am looking for 1.7 or 1.9 correct? Or is that too heavy?