Please visit Risk's site for general insturctions on making a zHammock.

Well I finally got around to making a zHammock using the WalMart "Mystery" fabric, hence the name (some may say why I choose yellow fabric is the mystery ).

I made it from 2 x 60" wide and 10'10" long pieces of fabric and I ended up with a finished size of 56" wide and ~10.5'. Big comfy hammock. I used 3/4" webbing for the side tie-outs. The tie-outs were added at the point where the sides are sewn together as indicated by the sloppy red arrows in this pic:

(This pic is from Risk's site)

I roll hemmed the sides only on each piece of fabric before I sewed them together. The webbing was sandwiched between the 2 pieces of fabric and then the sides were double stitched together.

Opening for the pad:

I haven't added the ridge line yet but I played around with the sag a little bit. Adding more sag really makes the hammock open up more. I will post some pics when I get the ridge line added.