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    Don't forget that the bottom made out of differnt pieces is the old version.

    The new one uses only one large piece and to my mind is much more comfortable.
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    I really can't tell any difference at all in comfort between the old and new model. I've had numerous opportunities to compare the two, and can't understand why Dave made the multi piece bottom in the first place.

    He did tell me that in the yet-to-come model, they widened the fabric at the headend though. Might be something for you DIY-guys to take into consideration, and also I've noticed that the ridgeline could be a couple of inches longer, just to get less sag a.k.a get the *** up a bit higher. I'm a sidesleeper, so that's been a concern even with the shortened spreaderbar.
    But then there's a problem with the length of the campersleeve instead, don't know how to get around it yet, but I'll figure something out. If I was a backsleeper, I propably wouldn't have done anything to it.

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    It's purely speculation on my part as I have never even seen one, but I think it had nothing to do with saving material. Material is cheap compared to all the cutting, sewing and processing that it takes to do the sections. I think the multi-sections provided strength to limit stretch. The hem would basically act as double or triple thick material depending on how they sewed it with out having to do two layers.

    I have 1 endcap to put on my DIY interpretation of the chrysalis before I post any pics. I went with a simple cat curve between my spreader bars, but I kind have wished I would have attempted the scalloped sides because for me the bridge hammocks I have made could use lumbar support. I have mixed feelings about my version, but others can be the judge and jury when I post the pics.

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