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Nice report. I have also "tested" my equipment the same way (my wife rolled her eyes too). It's amazing how much a 10* difference can make in your sleep system. Throw the tarp into the mix and it can change things even more. Keep Experimenting for "safety reasons of course

Btw, I have the same type of alarm, very reliable.
Yes, the traffic alarm seems to get me up and moving early every time.

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That is really interesting! So you overheated enough to get cold from soaking some insulation with sweat? But then removed the soaked clothing and got back to toasty warm with the remaining insulation?

It's good that you woke up before the sweat got out into the other layers of insulation to soak them also. I guess you have proved - not that it needed proving- the importance of keeping insulation protected not only from rain, but also from condensation or sweat.

And sounds like you have proved your system more than warm enough for freezing temps!
A layer of clothing damp and clamy against the body can quickly become either dry or frozen stiff on the ridgeline. I found that out for myself as well.

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My wife thinks I am nut in general lol, I have done it and will hang again
I think my wife is convinced that I'm generally nuts all the time. Her response to snow is to build a fire and stay inside, meanwhile I head out to the hammock. Guess who got a better night's sleep.

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Glad to hear that everything worked out 'safely'--wouldn't want your wife to be too worried. Glad, too, that you lucked into such good testing conditions. Thanks for the report.
Thanks for reading, yeah we don't get temps these low nor the white stuff too often around here. Was great to get outside in it.

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Great report. Really nice to hang in cold weather, isn't it.
Thanks for sharing.
Yeah the cold weather has it's own conditions and gear requirement that I don't get to do much of. Has been amazing to get out in it recently.

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Inclement weather creates an urge to have french toast in humans, well known phenomenon.

That explains it. I usually head to the beer isle since all the other stuff is taken first.

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My husband thinks I'm nuts to, I sleep out in the hammock almost every weekend. Testing different combinations of gear. I want to be prepared when I finally get to hiking some distances.
Not to mention being prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

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Great report - I haven't hung in a long while and this made me really miss it.

re: Sweating / waking up cold - this is really interesting! I have several theories about what happened here but I don't think it likely has much to do with actually sweating through enough insulation to get cold. I find it more likely to be that when you went to sleep (after eating perhaps?) your metabolism was high enough to make you sweat. If your head was inside your pod this would increase the effect a lot. You then slept for a while and relaxed (hammocks do that to me, too!) which made your metabolism slow a bunch which made you cool off. Now you woke up cold and wet. You dried off (brrrrr) and climbed back into your system (which looks really good btw!) and warmed up and nodded back off.

The part that kills me (and that I fight with) is how our metabolism slows when we sleep... Which is why I can hike into a spot with shorts and a tee on but then freeze in similar temps while sleeping unless I have a bunch more insulation. Wish there was a way to mitigate this.

Just a theory! Thanks much for sharing.

p.s. my Wife has rolley-eyes too when it comes to 9/10 of what I say. I consider it an expression of endearment
It is quite possible that I over boosted my metabolism before I climbed in for slumber. I'll have to monitor that closely next time. But I had identical setups for two nights with a 10 degree temperature difference and the warmer (relatively of course) of the two nights I sweated. Could mean that I just needed a little less insulation at 30F than I do at 20F.

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good report. Oh, and welcome to the club!
Thanks for reading.

And as an addendum to my report I left my gear up to air/thaw/dry out and my daughter having fun in the little bit of snow left this morning found her way into the hammock.

At least there is one woman who enjoys the hammock as much as I do.