Hey everyone,
I would like to introduce my newest piece of gear "The Beast". My wife (Mokey Fraggle on this forum) has been showing more and more interest into this hobby and I was lucky enough to pick up "The Beast" and "The Beast II" from a forum member. To do this was tuff as I had to pass on a Dangerbird, but I am very happy with this hammock. The forum member is seriously modest, but the workmanship on this thing is awesome. Just look at the stitching!! He doesn't make these to sell, I was just lucky enough to pick up DIYs that he was moving on from.

It comes by it's name honestly. 11 feet long and 65" wide, it's super roomy inside. Unfortunately, I have not been cleared by my doctor to lay in a hammock yet, but Beth says it's very comfortable.

I am super excited to try this thing out. I've never used a footbox hammock and think this will be great for my size.

Here are some pictures: