I spent the weekend at a friends house in Menlo Park, Ca, for a weekend house party (music).
Now, I like people, but I also need a break sometimes.
So I brought my hammock along and occupied the backyard when I needed a break.

And I slept out there in Saturday night (the living room, my usual early morning haven for tea and yoga, was full of sleeping bodies).
I could barely fit my tree hugger around this huge pine.

I brought along my 10' x 11' JRB tarp. I pitched it so most of the tarp was between me and the house (no chance of rain). I knew I had few if any lines on it so I picked up some hot pink braided mason line on my way out of town. You can see the line in the above picture.
I've tried mason line before, but this is heavier and less floppy than the other braided kind I found. It is a bit heavier and stiffer than Zing-it, which I thoroughly dislike. I like this pink line.
I had no shock cord for making tensioners so I moved the stakes out a couple times over the weekend.
I attached my lines to the tarp and around the tree with slipped bowlines. Held just fine and easy to remove.
The line on the stakes were my usual "gosh, this is slippery and thin" clovehitch with an extra hitch.

I slept comfortably in my Burrow and Crowsnest quilts. I used a fleece cap and a wool cap to keep my noggin warm. (The fleece ear flap cap with chin strap (say that 5 times fast) under the wool watch cap keeps the watch cap from crawling off my head.)
I used my usual gossamer gear thinlight pad for the footbox of my double layer Warbonnet Blackbird.

The low that evening was 43 and rather more humid (between 50 and 80%) than I'm used to (where it is a miracle if it gets over 20%).

The view up the pine.

I had intended to post all this from my phone while loafing in the hammock, but the intermittent signal and my fat fingers conspired to prevent a 'live' report.