I've been working on a few projects recently and have picked up some nice finds at Walmart. First I found an IMUSA mug on clearance for $1. Picture 146.jpg Picture 145.jpg

I've also been working on some carbon felt stoves and looking for good sources of little tins to put the carbon felt in. Altoid tins work pretty well but I picked up a 4 pack of stainless steel condiment cups for $0.88. They weigh about .65 oz each, so they're a little heavy, but it should last forever. I'll post pics later of these if anyone is interested.

Finally, today at lunch I found almost 11 yards of woodland camo material in the only Walmart near here that has fabric. The bolt was $1.50 a yard and had some generic tag on it that claimed the fabric was about 34% cotton and the rest poly and nylon if I'm not mistaken. It's not a ripstop fabric, but feels like a medium/heavy weight polyester fabric. Doesn't seem to be coated and I don't know if it is down-proof or not. Might make a good hammock though.