I purchased a 40* Phoenix with two extra oz of down a couple of weeks back and can not wait to get it! But while I was waiting for that UQ I noticed a 20* for sale here by Canteen Boy and thought it would be great for my wife, as she is a very cold sleeper, and for myself in the winter (she thinks I'm crazy!). Well the 20* UQ arrived on Saturday afternoon. It had just enough time for me to unpack it, loft up and let my family admire Stormcrow's amazing craftsmanship before it was in my pack and I was on my way! The temp went down to about 17* the last two nights and it felt like I was hanging in Hawaii! Well not quite, but I was very, very, very impressed with the quality, ease of use, warmth it provided and I love the custom made by Stormcrow lable! I am 110% pleased with this purchase and I'm confident that I will say the same about the 40* that is on the way! Thank you Stormcrow for the attention to detail and for producing such a great piece of equipment that allows us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors year round!