I've been mulling the idea of an UQ bag over for quite a while now. I want to use my WL full length down UQ with my chrysalis.

The biggest issue here is that I want to be able to use the chrysalis as is, with it's own cover, without having to add a tarp. So I can't just hang the UQ underneath, because it will get soaked once it rains.

What I came up with is a pretty standard "bag" to go around the UQ. The side that sticks to the hammock, has the velcro pieces in the exact same spot as the hammock itself. The side that faces away from the hammock is a bit adjusted to make sure the UQ can loft. You can see the sketches below. To know more about the dimensions of the hammock, you can go here: http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=47515

I'm happy with all the input and ideas you guys can give as to adjustments or feasibility of this. I'm going to have to start making this thing sooner rather than later. I'll be needing it in about a month. Worst case scenario, I slip in an old yoga mat and a rescue blanket instead.

If you want to see it in centimeters, go here:

I am aware that the corners will be squished, I'll just shake down towards the center there.

I'm also contemplating on how to attach the UQ inside the bag. I'm either going to make loops in the corners to tie all the shock cord to. Or I might make little holes to feed the shock cord through, so I can adjust and attach it that way. Again, suggestions welcome. Especially anything that might entail less work.