Hi All,

This is my first post here but I've read SO much. I'm looking into the cheapest (and I mean I need to spend very little, as I'm all spent up on the hammock, tarp, whoopies... etc) way to make a simple under quilt. I found this place and this fabric, but is it any good for this purpose? I intend using Primaloft One for the insulation but their site says it needs down proof fabric.

The fabric is narrow so I may need to sew two lengths side by side but I hope that wont cause any issue.

I'm in the UK so some of the insulation and fabric options mentioned here are not easily available.

Just to add I'm VERY new to the hammock world (and camping generally) and I'm still at the "testing it all in the garden" stage so far. I want to get something warm sorted for my first night in it though as it's still dipping to near freezing here at night at the moment and I want a good first experience.

Thanks in advance for any advice.