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I came to hammocking from an ultralight background looking for comfort.
In my mind, having a hammock that's too small defeats the purpose and will only save a couple of ounces. I still weigh the rest of my kit in grams.

Having said that, I don't think there is a singular answer to you question; and it's not because folks have individual opinions. I own three commercial hammocks and have made four DIY's. The two most comfortable ones are 48" wide and 67" wide - go figure!

I start out making my hammocks 11' long and generally find them comfy. However, just this past weekend, I made one out of crinkly parachute material and had to keep cutting the length down to get it comfortable and ended up with a 10'-4" hammock - go figure, again!

I'm becoming a believer that the material plays a very important roll in comfort, not just size. This Grasshopper is still learning the mysteries of hammocks
I hear you. I have a nylon hammock that's the same width and slightly shorter than a polyester hammock and I find the nylon more "roomy" feeling. Stretch plays a role in this particular case.

Like you, I have different answers. But when we make/buy/choose a hammock, we do consider weight, length and width. So those factors do matter to us enough that they drive us (along with price, reputation/quality and maybe a few others) to choose one hammock over another. It's not an easy question to answer, but we do answer it when we select hammocks for our use.