Hey all. I am starting my 3rd year of section hiking on the AT. I have spent my life outdoors either, hiking, camping, hunting or fishing. I have been on the PCT a couple times as well.

I just made the switch from tenting to hammocking in my new HH UL A-Sym Zip. So far I have set it up in the backyard a few times in about 40*. Tried to sleep in it last night but after 2 hours of restlessness, I bailed for the bed. I was using a emergency blanket topped with a felt type blanket, topped with a yogamat from Target. I was donning a 40* mummy as well. All was great till I tried to sleep on my side and it all slip out from under me. The combination seems about right and with some of the research I have done here, I think I will be able to build my own pad with shoulder wings using some CCF 1/4", emergency blanket, felt, all sewn together with the material they use for ironing boards. Seems indestructible and is aluminized for additional reflectivity.

I also just purchased 8 yards of 30D silnylon to make my own XL Hex tarp. Well that's all for now. I am sure to be posting, asking questions, and hopefully providing some advice in time. Thanks for everything so far!