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    CLOSED: ACU 30 Denier 1.1 Ripstop Nylon

    There's been interest in this product and it's at a nice price, but the rolls are huge so I'm putting together a group buy. These are the rolls:
    Final price will likely be between $1.60-1.80 per yard, plus shipping from AZ to your door and paypal fee. The price all depends on the size roll we are able to purchase. The sign up has been paused, please hold tight while a few things are settled out.

    Initial interest from:
    JohnSawyer: 15yd
    dedominick: 10yd
    lmoseley7: 10yd
    girotogo: 10-11yd
    SGT Rock: 10-13yd
    n1ck0l3man: 10yd
    BajaHanger: 20yd
    lubbockhammockguy: 20yd
    Total interest: 95-99yds

    When you post, please add your name and requested amount to the list as well as update the total. Just quote the previous post.
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