Last weekend I went down to SoRuck. Lots of fun. It was nice to put faces with names of folks that post on WB. Lots of good presentations from folks. We got to see Ginny and Jim Owen CDT trip pictures, Spur and Ready CDT and Grand Canyon trip pics, the GATC did a nice show on the trail manintaining they do. I forgot to mention tons of food.

here is a link to the pics of SoRuck

on Sat we did a day hike from Tellico Gap back to the NOC via the Wesser Creek Trail (this is the old AT)

If you can make a Ruck (there is one in Pa on Jan 27/28..yeah bad timing with your get together) it is well worth it esp if you plan on thru-hiking the AT. There were so many past, present and future thru-hikers there. Lots of minds to pick.