I got my 20° burrow yesterday before I had even got to work. Big smile for most of the day after that. Shipping from Hammock Gear to Vancouver Island was 5 days including 2 stuck in customs, where they tagged on an extra 44$ for taxes and handling. Not much needs saying about the quality and service Adam and Jenny provide, as reported by all, top notch all the way. Beautiful stuff. I do want to thank adam for suggesting the green on the inside to go with the black outer, it is a real nice colour, and also for suggesting the 20 over the 0 for my needs. It is a way warm quilt. I must admit that I got a bit over zealous when I placed my order though. I went with a long, custom extra wide (58") and 2oz overftuff. For some reason I decided I wanted it to have ridiculous coverage even when laying on the floor. I did not really understand how much being in a hammock changes how it fits. HAha, wow. that is a lot of downy greatness. I love it. But definitely overkill. (For Me,YMMV, HYOH.)
I chose the snaps and cinch end, and am very happy with that descision, but I think if I get another I'll go with sewn. I like the look of the sewn end and I don't know how often I'll undo the cinch and snaps, but summer isn't here yet so... we shall see.
I bought this quilt to replace my synth mummy bag I had been using as a quilt because it had taken up most all of my pack and weighed a nudge under 5 lbs. 4.8 actually. The burrow, well much less. With stuff sack and all customization it came in around 26.6 oz.
So thanks again Stormcrow and Thorwren, I really dig my quilt. you guys are awesome.