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    Quote Originally Posted by mtndragon View Post
    The hammock sock saved my bacon on a recent week long trip to Death Valley. We camped at 7000 feet, as that's where the trees are in Death Valley. The winds were fierce and the first night I froze because even though I had a Shamu underquilt and a PLUQ doubled up, the wind was robbing me of my heat. For the remaining nights, I deployed the wind sock, and slept cozy like a bug in a rug. Great product, easy to use, and when the winds are really howling and it is in the upper 20's at night, a real sleep saver. It is now part of my permanent kit.
    I hear ya! I have one of McIntyre's Socks lined in Insultex. It saved my butt on Roan Mt. last year in a snow storm. The wind was blowing the snow sideways and in all directions blowing under my tarp. The sock took it just fine and I was warm & dry. Brandon's will give me an un-insulated lighter option as I get some condensation with the Insultex under 20 degrees. I love Mac's sock though with the ease of just flipping the seep up or down. And I'm likeing the idea of having two options.
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    Anybody tried this yet with a Hennessy Explorer or other hammock with a 110" ridgeline? Some of the posts in this thread sounded like some of you might try the Travel Sock with a longer hammock knowing the ends of the hammock are going to be sticking out the ends a bit.

    Not too long ago I did an overnighter in Shenandoah National Park. I had a down underquilt and TQ but like others have stated the wind is what was killing me. As soon and the sun went down the wind kicked up and stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    no, the bridge isn't out quite yet but we did add a few new items to the line-up that i wanted to post here

    1. travel sock (fabric version of the travel net) at 9.3 oz, works with travel hammocks and blackbirds, or any end-gathered hammock with a 103" or shorter RL

    2. whoopie slings

    3. tree straps for whoopie slings

    4. logo t-shirts

    still shooting for a spring release for the bridge

    Yup, a Sock and a Logo Shirt is in my Future.
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