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Thread: Nylon webbing

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    Nylon webbing

    So just how bad is nylon webbing for ur suspension? I have 2 15 foot straps but they r nylon. Just how bad does it stretch?

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    By morning they will be 30ft straps

    But seriously, they will leave you on the ground by morning time most likely. Nylon stretches A LOT, that's why it makes just comfy hammocks to sleep in.
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    There is a lot of hype about using poly straps, that is all it is, hype.

    Keep you nylon straps short ie.. just a bit coming off the tree to attach to, and make your suspension line long enough to reach it.

    I've used nylon webbing for years, including some fairly long stretches from the tree in excess of 6 feet. All this business of ending up on the ground is much exaggerated.

    Given the vastly superior strength, and the fact that I already had the nylon webbing, rather than go out and waste money on other webbing, I'll stick to the nylon.

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    Actually, it's dependent on several factors. How old is the nylon, how wide are the straps, are there other materials woven into the straps, etc.

    Certainly, Validpages is correct about the length coming off a tree. If it's only a couple of feet at each end, then you won't have much stretch (pick your trees closer together).

    However, I don't agree with it all being hype. I didn't have long enough poly straps last year, so I used some ratcheting pallet straps (Almost no trees around - I had a 30' span). I set the hammock up so that it was at chest height. After getting into it at 10PM, it stretched to the point that I was about 3' off the ground. By 1AM, I was laying with my whole torso on the ground.

    If I don't have a choice, I 'pre-stretch' the nylon by setting the hammock high, then put my body weight on it. I'll then go back and re-attach one end with the stretch taken out. But again over time, you'll have to take out more of the stretch. Whatever you do, don't knot two pieces of nylon together if you want to get the knot out later. I did this and the nylon pieces stretched through the knot. When I took the pressure off, they constricted back & it took me an hour to get the two pieces apart!

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