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    Shoulder squeeze solution???

    I have a couple of ideas on how to cure the shoulder squeeze that I am experiencing in my Speer Hammock. Am I better off just adding some webbing tabs to use to guy out the sides of the hammock or should I try to add a sort of webbing pocket that I can put a trekking pole in to spread the head end of the hammock open? I have seen a post with pictures on this site describing this. I am a little worried that sewing into the edge will weaken the hammock. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Squeeze in a Speer type is usually the result of hanging the hammock with too little sag. Before you go about doing modifications, perhaps you should play with your hanging technique. Try more and more sag.
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    Great info Sparrow...

    I will play with it this afternoon...The hammock that is!!!


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