I ordered a 30 degree, Polarguard 3-D FF Quilt 14 business days ago on Dec. 29th, and am waiting on word that it shipped. I'm hoping it will come before the Mt. Rogers trip on the 26th.

Their website says "There may be a 10 to 14 day delay before your quilts ships, due to order volume" but it is unclear as to whether the 14 days refers to business days or just days. I assumed business days, since it wasn't shipped in 14 regular days.

I have allowed for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in my business day calculations. I've notified the company today via email that I would really like to have this quilt for my trip, and have asked to have the shipping expedited so that I can test it out before the trip.

I feel like I'm being fair with them. Hopefully I will hear from them very soon. Does this sound fair to you? I'm trying to remain patient...