Movin' on up to a side/top entry

My HH was ok BUT needed more room, an insultation/pad sleeve and I got tired of the fireman-vagina exits at 2am. Twisted my ankle once and swore that was the last time. Also the stock tarp was cute but rarely did the job on rain protection. Mostly because here in CO when it rains there's wind. So rain is horizontal not vertical.

SO I looked at Clarks ...kind neat but $$$ (couldn't tell if there was an insulation sleeve or just the 6-storage pockets?) and TC's jungle hammock ...looks like a great value! Ordered Tom's JH! Guess I'll need to replace the webbing or get a rubber duck to float w/me in my bath tub.

Can you attach the JH bugnet holdouts to the tarp?

I've got an outing in 9 days (June 28th) does it really take 15days for shipping?(sigh)