I just finished moving into a much larger house. First one was purchased prefamily as a fixer upper. It was now way to small. In my new house I get my own room . So here is the deal, I want to organize all my stuff on the walls , or shelves. I have a lot of hobbies and would like to be able mix and match gear as the situation requires. Can people post pictures of your organizational strategies so I can get a few ideas. Do people use slot wall, peg board, industrial shelving? I am curious to see and need some ideas. My current list of extra curriculars include running, biking (mountain, and road), triathlons, rock climbing, camping bumper pull camper, backpacking, canoeing (bwca), fishing. Well that is the main ones at the moment. I try to take care of my gear so I want everything stored properly and easily accessible. My room is 12*13 with a clothset it contains my tribike, a recumbent bike and a treadmill, along with one set of plastic cheap shelves. I want everything off the floor and to hang my hammock. Like I originally said just looking for ideas not for someone to design it for me. I should say as well that I can build anything, I have been a welder, framed and finished houses, and a mechanic. I am a visual learner so so me your pics if you have them.