Hi, frinds! I feel like a hammock ninja when I am now looking for my second hammock for the '12 season

What's most important to me is weight (yes, I've become a gram- hunter) but also being able to blend in (ie camouflage). I am comparing these:

1. Paha Que UltraLight camo hammock
2. Grand trunk Nano7
3. Grand trunk UltraLight camouflage hammock

Now I have read the weight info on these, and they're all super- light, but I'd love some pics on their packed volume compared to something standard. If you have any pics of this, please post.

My new UL setup for 2012 will probably go into an Osprey Viper 10L pack.

Also, I'm only a little guy; 180cm/ 65kg or 5' 9"/ 143.3lbs and don't mind a snug fit as I only have to fit myself into a hammock. So my questions are really:
1. Can I fit one of these hammocks into that pack?
2. Is there a noticeable weight- difference between the hammocks?
3. Is there a noteworthy quality- difference?
4. What type of UL tarp would you recommend to go with these? (preferably camo or black)

I already own a Claytor jungle hammock and while it's awesome for quality, It's also heavy and voluminous...

Thanks guys, you're the best!