Went out this weekend for a quick overnight hike in the Uwharrie National Forest in NC. Started at the Hwy 24/27 trail-head Saturday morning and hiked about 14 miles during the day. Ran into a nice middle-aged couple that had their dogs with them for the weekend. I said hello and wished them a nice day and then moved on. Stopped and set up camp a couple hundred feet away from one of the many small creeks that the trail crosses. Found two (almost) perfect trees to hang between, ate and went to sleep...woke up at 0530 to what sounded like a machine gun going off next to me. Turns out it was just a big woodpecker that decided to do his thing right next to me. The temp dropped lower than what I was expecting but I was nice and toasty in my Marmot Never Winter 30 and Wilderness Logics 3/4 UQ (with some long underwear and good wool socks). Finished the hike at the Hwy 109 trail-head at about 0900 this morning and ran into a really nice young couple that was leaving as I arrived. They offered me a ride back to my truck so I didn't have to wake my girlfriend up or hitch hike LOL. I don't know if they read this board (didn't ask) but if y'all do...thank you very much and I hope I can return the favor some day.

All-in-all, a very good hike and really nice weather. Thanks for reading folks.