I've just ordered a GTSBP. I was originally going to order the UL, but when I called, and my supplier talked to the distributer, they recommended the Pro.
He said that gaining a foot of length, having a thicker material, and therefore a greater weight capacity was well worth the extra 8oz..
He's had many UL come back damaged because the material on the UL was just too thin, and would tear.
I fancy myself as being a guy who tries to keep his gear as light as possible, but after hearing about some of the possible problems I could have with the UL, I decided on the Pro.
I should have asked the Pro's first though (You guys), and gotten your opinion on the subject.
To be honest I came really close to ordering both and doing a head to head comparison. I still may do that. For the price of these hammocks..... Why not?
What do you guys think of the Pro vs. the UL?